AWS S3 Folder Integration module compatible with DNN 7?

first post: hk2012 wrote: Anyone have issues this module with DNN7? Thanks!

latest post: kmhan wrote: Yes I am. It's having an issue with the data provider.

AWS S3 Folder Integration module compatible with DNN 6.2.1

first post: tagOOmania wrote: Hi, I installed the module on a DNN 6.2.1 CMS. Is the module compa...

latest post: hk2012 wrote: Hi Hazel, I have same issue, did you resolve this?

DNN 5 and Repository Integration

first post: firkinfedup wrote: Hi there,Firstly I'd like to say thanks for releasing this, tight i...

latest post: davidcfox wrote: Hi, I was wondering if you were able to get this issue cleared up a...

Subfolders in buckets "foldername_$folder$"

first post: dnnhost wrote: websiterootbucketfolders work finesubfolders do not .. what am I...

latest post: dnnhost wrote: thank you for your quick reply, and your fantastic products. (am us...

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